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What happens when a card is locked?

Locking your Brex card will prevent any further charges from going through until it is unlocked. If your company Admin has locked your card, they will need to unlock it in order for your card to be available for use again.

We recommend locking your card if you temporarily misplace it or have reason to believe there may have been fraud.

The following charges will not continue to occur when you lock your card:
  • New purchases
  • Recurring transactions
The following charges will continue to occur when you lock your card:
  • Returns
  • Credits
  • Dispute adjustments
  • Statement payments
  • Rewards redemptions
  • Exempted transactions
  • Delayed authorizations (such as some transit purchases)
In the event that you find your card or confirm there has not been fraud, you may easily unlock your card through the Brex dashboard or the mobile app. Please note that your card number will not change.

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