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What are the various Brex role types?

New role names

We've changed our role names to help you decide which roles best fit your team members.

Account admin

As an account admin, you’ll have complete access to your company’s Brex Cash account and overall account settings. You'll have visibility into all transactions, statements, limits, and balances, and are the only role type that’s able to make mobile deposits. 
You'll also have the ability to freely initiate transfers both in and out of your Brex Cash account, and manage bank connections. In addition, you’ll control user permissions and account settings, including new user invitations, integration settings, and rewards redemption.
All of these abilities apply to both your Brex Cash and standard card accounts. 
Account admins with Brex Premium can also create expense policies, approve bill payment drafts, and limit increase requests. 

Card admin

Card admins have the same permissions as the account admin as it relates to Brex cards, but you aren’t able to access the company’s Brex Cash account. This includes viewing Brex Cash account transfer history or statements. Similarly, you won't be able to initiate any transfers or payments from within your dashboard.


As a bookkeeper, you’ll have read-only access to the records in your Brex account; such as statements, successful transactions, and your integrations.
However, you won't have the ability to make changes to the account settings or settings of other users. You also won't be able to have cards assigned to you as a bookkeeper. 

AP clerk

An AP clerk has visibility into the Brex Cash account, where you’ll be able to see statements, account details, and all Brex Cash transactions. You won't be able to add funds to your Brex Cash account but, with admin approval, you can send outbound transfers.
For card transactions, you'll only have visibility into those made on your own cards. You can add receipts and memos to these transactions, as well as re-categorize them if you’d like. 
You'll also be able to have and issue yourself both virtual and physical cards. While you won't have the ability to see your overall account limit, you’ll have visibility into your individual user limit and spend. 


Employees have similar permissions as AP clerks, except they won't be able to see any details about the company’s Brex Cash account. 
Like the AP clerk, you can view or add information to your own transactions, monitor your user limit, and issue yourself cards.

Note: For information about user roles as relating to Brex API access, please see our developer documentation.

This table provides more details about the permissions of each role.

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