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What are the differences between making daily and monthly payments?

Brex customers approved for the monthly payments card and a Brex Cash account have the ability to switch between a monthly payment cycle and a daily payment cycle.  Please review the different features below.

Daily payments

Credit limit:Calculated as 100% of your Brex Cash account balance. Connected bank accounts will not be taken into account.

Payment due: Daily

Autopay account:Brex Cash

Rewards: Extra 1x points boost in some spend categories (read What rewards does Brex offer? for more information).

Rewards redemption:

Monthly payments

Credit limit:Calculated as 5-20% of your linked account balances, including Brex Cash. Read How do Brex credit limits work? for more information.  

Payment due:  Monthly. (If you have a Brex Cash account in addition to a card with monthly payments, you can switch between a monthly payment cycle and a daily payment cycle).

Autopay account:Any linked bank account, including Brex Cash.

Rewards:Read What are the benefits of making daily payments? for more information.

Rewards redemption:

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