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What are spend requests?

Spend requests allow you to save time and prevent excess spend from your team by giving you the following spend management tools:
  • Requesting vendor cards
  • Temporary limit increases
  • Spend alerts

Setting up spend requests

Admins will be able to set up spend requests on their entire account by navigating to the Spend management tab, and clicking on Enable spend requests. From here, you’ll be asked to select a primary approver for these requests. Don’t worry, you can always change this in your Settings.

For more detailed instructions, click here.

Requesting a vendor card or limit increase

Regular users will be able to request both vendor cards and limit increases within the Manage cards tab by clicking on Get a new card in the top right of the dashboard. From here, you’ll simply follow the flow for either requesting a vendor card or limit increase

Spend alerts

By navigating to the Expense review page under Spend management on your dashboard, you will be able to see all transactions that fall out of your expense policy, as well as spend alerts. Brex will be automatically detecting unusual spending to help you stay on top of your company’s spend, and we’ll flag things like duplicate subscriptions, price increases, and more.

By clicking on one of these spend alerts, you’ll be able to either mark the alert as reviewed, mute the alert, or follow up with the user whose transaction triggered the alert. Our tooltips throughout this process will help guide you through this.

If you reviewed an alert accidentally, you can simply navigate to the Archive tab and undo the review.

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