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What are spend requests?

Spend requests allow users to submit a request for a vendor card or temporary user limit increase on their corporate cards; admins can approve, deny, or modify these requests.

Setting up spend requests

Admins can set up spend requests for their company by navigating to the Activate features tab and, in the Enable spend requests box, clicking Enable requests. From here, you’ll be asked to select a primary approver for these requests.

You can change the approver at any time in the future by going to Settings and clicking Expenses. Next to Primary approver, click Edit to set a new approver.

For more detailed instructions, please read How do I set up spend requests?.

Requesting a vendor card or limit increase

Users will be able to request both vendor cards and limit increases within the Manage cards tab by clicking Get a new card in the top-right corner. From here, they’ll simply follow the flow for either requesting a vendor card or limit increase. These requests will appear in the Requests section of the Expenses tab for admins to review and approve. 

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