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What are spend alerts?

With proactive, intelligent spend alerts, Brex automatically detects unusual spending to help you stay on top of your company’s expenses. We'll alert you about unusual spend, like duplicate subscriptions, price increases, and employee charges that are higher than normal.

Accessing and responding to spend alerts

When you sign up for Brex Premium, spend alerts will be enabled automatically for all admins on your account.

By navigating to Company expenses under Expenses on your dashboard, you’ll be able to see all transactions that Brex has flagged as possibly concerning, such as:
  • Unusual expenses
  • Higher than usual spend
  • Duplicate transactions or subscriptions
  • Subscription price increases
  • High expenses
  • New vendor expenses
Expand one of these sections and select a transaction individually or use the bulk selection tool, then mark the alert as reviewed, mute the alert, or follow up with the user. Our tooltips throughout this process will help guide you..

If you reviewed an alert accidentally, navigate to the Archive tab and undo the review.

You can turn off the spend alerts feature in Settings.

Spend alerts are only available to Brex Premium customers.Enable Premiumon your account today for free!

For more tips on managing expenses, please read our blog, How To Build Your Corporate Card Expense Policy.

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