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Setting up Scheduled and Recurring Deposits on Brex Cash

When depositing funds into your account, Brex Cash Admins can choose to send the deposit immediately, or have it begin processing at a later date. You can also set up the deposit to repeat on a monthly, weekly, or custom schedule.

Step 1: On the Transactions page under the Cash tab, select Add funds and choose Bank Transfer

Step 2: Select the account you would like to transfer funds from and click Next

Important Note: If this is your first time depositing funds, you will need to connect the desired account prior to transferring.

Step 3: Enter the amount you would like to transfer and the date you would like the transfer to begin processing

If this is a one-time deposit, select Review to confirm the payment details and complete the transfer as scheduled. If you would like this deposit to repeat, please continue to Step 4.

Step 4: Select Repeat this deposit

Step 5: Choose how often you would like the deposit to recur (this can be set up on a monthly, weekly, or custom basis) and confirm when you would like the repeating payment to end

Step 6: Review the recurring deposit details and select Add funds to complete

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