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Onboarding Guide for Brex Card Users

Welcome to Brex, and congratulations on getting your corporate card!

The following guide will walk you through the setup process that will ensure you are getting maximum value from your Brex account. This guide is for Card Users that have been invited to join their company's Brex account. If you are an Admin, please see the relevant article below instead:

Step 1: Get started with your virtual card

Upon activating your account and logging in for the first time, you will automatically be issued a Brex virtual card. You can begin using this card right away by navigating to the Your Cards tab and selecting the virtual one. Simply click on the card details to copy the information. 

If you use Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay, remember to add it to your wallet! 

Step 2: Request your physical card

You should also have been given the opportunity to opt-in for a physical Brex MasterCard. In the event that you were not prompted to opt-in for a physical MasterCrd, feel free to issue yourself one by following the steps here. Your card can be shipped anywhere within the United States, and will arrive in 5-7 business days. To learn more about how you can activate it once it arrives, click here.

Step 3: Manage your spend

You may have been given a User Limit by your Admin, which you can check by reading How can I see what my user limit is and how much I have spent? Your monthly spend will reset on the first day of the month.

As you begin using your Brex cards, attach receipts and memos to your transactions within seconds! Please read the instructions below:


For additional questions please contact Brex Support and we will be happy to help.

Customer Support:

Hours: 5 AM to 8 PM (Pacific Time), 7 days per week
If you have any additional questions, feel free to chat via the dashboard.

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