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How do I sync bills with Quickbooks?

This article will go over setting up your Quickbooks integration with Bill Pay, as well as some FAQs.

Setup Instructions

Step 1: Navigate to the Integrations tab

Step 2: If you haven’t set up Quickbooks yet, click Connect and follow the flow there. If you see Manage instead of Connect, you can skip to step 4.

Step 3: While you’re setting up Quickbooks, you will be presented with the option to enable bill and expense data syncing. Make sure the Bills box is checked, then click Sync data.

Step 4: If you’ve already connected Quickbooks, navigate to your Quickbooks integration in the dashboard and click on Settings. Here, you’ll need to enable both Bills data and Expenses data.

Step 5: All done! Important note, Bills sync is only available for Quickbooks Online Plus and Quickbooks Online Essentials

How do I reconcile my bills on Quickbooks?

Once the Brex transaction corresponding to the bill is synced over to QuickBooks, the transaction row will prompt you to confirm that the transaction should be assigned to a matched Bill for reconciliation. You can click confirm or click into the row for more details. Once confirmed, the Bill will be marked as paid.

When do my bills get synced over to Quickbooks?

Once a bill has been submitted for payment on Brex, it will get synced over immediately. We do not retroactively sync past bills, and any bills that were submitted for payment prior to the integration being enabled or fully setup will not get synced over. If a bill is cancelled and sent back to draft state, any changes to the bill will not be synced until the bill is resubmitted.

What happens when a bill gets canceled on Brex's side?

When you cancel a bill on Brex, it reverts to the draft state. From this point, a few things can happen:
  • If the draft gets deleted, the corresponding bill in Quickbooks will be deleted.
  • If the draft gets resubmitted for payment, any changes to the bill while in draft state will get synced over to the corresponding bill
  • Modifications to the bill while it's in draft state will not get synced over to Quickbooks.

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