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How do I sign up or cancel Brex Premium?

Signing up for Brex Premium

Brex Premium offers powerful spend management features that help you control your card expenses effortlessly–and get time back for your business. To learn more about what features you’ll receive when signing up for Brex Premium, please visit

You can sign up for Brex Premium for free today. Brex Premium allows you to unlock these features free for 30 days, and then you’ll be billed $49 per month–payable in dollars or Brex points.

Canceling Brex Premium

You can cancel your Brex Premium subscription at any time by navigating to Settings in your dashboard and clicking Brex Premium.

Note: You may cancel within 30 days at no cost. After that, you’ll be billed at $49 per month—payable in dollars or Brex point. If you cancel your Premium plan during any month, you'll be charged a monthly fee for the portion of that month prior to the cancellation. 

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