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How do I redeem my Brex points?

Brex Admins are able to redeem their team's Brex points towards statement credit, to book travel, or to transfer into air miles. Points earned on a given transaction are available as soon as the transaction clears - usually within two days. Each point earned can then be redeemed for $0.01 in one of three ways. Please reference the relevant section below.

Option 1 - Statement Credit

Step 1: Click on Company Transactions on the left-hand menu bar of the Brex dashboard

Step 2: Scroll down to the section that says Processed and click on a transaction

Step 3: In the Redeem Points section of the transaction details, you will see the total number of points required to redeem and a Redeem button if you have sufficient points

Step 4: Click Redeem; a pop-up will appear confirming if you'd like to redeem using Brex Points for a statement credit

Step 5: A statement credit will appear for the amount of the transaction at the top of Processed and say (rewards credit)

Option 2 - Book Travel

Step 1: Click on the Rewards tab and then click on Travel Portal

Step 2: Select your hotel/flight of choice

Step 3: On the Review Intinerary page, click on Payment Method

Step 4: Select Brex Points

Important note: You will only have the option to select Brex Points if you have sufficient points for the full purchase. You are not able to make split payments at this time. Additionally, Airbnb stays cannot be booked using Brex points.

Option 3 - Transfer to Air Miles

Brex Admins can redeem their Brex rewards points for miles across the three major global airline loyalty alliances: Oneworld, SkyTeam, and Star Alliance. Book flights for yourself, or transfer miles to employees, for business or personal travel. Brex Exclusive customers get access to an industry-leading 1:1 ratio when converting points to miles.

Important note: Before transferring your points to miles, you'll need to have an account with one of the following travel partner programs. Once you transfer your points to miles, you can book flights directly from your travel partner account. You'll see flights from airlines within the alliance:
To redeem your Brex points for miles, follow these steps:

Step 1: Expand the Rewards tab and click on Marketplace on the left-hand menu bar of the Brex dashboard

Step 2: Under Redemption options, navigate to the Miles box and click Redeem

Step 3: Choose to transfer your points to any of the travel partner loyalty programs

Each program is part of a major airline alliance, giving you maximum flexibility for how to use your miles. For example, if you transfer your points to Avianca - LifeMiles miles, you can book flights directly from your Avianca account with other airlines in the Star Alliance.

Step 4: Click the Transfer button

This will open a panel for you to type in the number of Brex rewards points to transfer, as well as select which cardholder to transfer them to (you can transfer points to yourself or any other employee with a Brex card). In this example, we'll transfer the points to a JetBlue - TrueBlue account.

Step 5: After typing and selecting the cardholder you wish to transfer points to, a field will appear for you to enter the cardholder's JetBlue - TrueBlue membership number

Step 6: Click Next

Step 7: Click Confirm

Congratulations! You've successfully transferred your points. You and the cardholder you transferred the points to will receive a confirmation email shortly, and the points will appear in the cardholder's JetBlue - TrueBlue account in one business day.

The amount of time it will take for points to appear in your account will vary by travel partner:
  • JetBlue - TrueBlue can take up to 1 business day.
  • Aeromexico - Club Premier can take up to 1 business day.
  • Air France KLM - Flying Blue can take up to 1 business day.
  • Avianca - LifeMiles can take up to 1 business day.
  • Cathay Pacific - Asia Miles can take up to 9 business days.
  • Qantas Frequent Flyer can take up to 1 business day.
  • Singapore Airlines - KrisFlyer can take up to 5 business days.

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