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How do I redeem my Brex points towards statement credit?

Brex Admins may redeem their team’s Brex points towards statement credit if the company is on a 30-day statement period. Points may be redeemed at a rate of $0.70/100pts.

Step 1: Go to Company Transactions in your Brex dashboard

Step 2: Scroll down to the section that says Processed and click on a transaction

Step 3: In the Redeem Points section of the transaction details, you will see the total number of points required to redeem and a Redeem button if you have sufficient points

Step 4: Click Redeem; a pop-up will appear confirming if you'd like to redeem using Brex Points for a statement credit

Step 5: A statement credit will appear for the amount of the transaction at the top of Processed and say (rewards credit)

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