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How do I find my account and routing number?

You can view your Brex Cash account and routing number from both the Brex mobile app and web dashboard. These account details can be used to complete tasks such as initiating an inbound wire or ACH transfer or paying recurring bills and charges.

In the dashboard

Step 1:Navigate to the Transactions page under the Cash tab.

Step 2: Click View details under Account details at the top of the page.

In the mobile app

Step 1:Sign in to the Brex mobile app. If you don’t have it, please see How can I install the Brex mobile app?.

Step 2:Tap $ at the bottom.

Step 3:In the top-right corner, tap the information icon.

Step 4:Tap the eye econ at the top to view your full account number. The routing number, relevant addresses, and details necessary for wire transfers will be displayed below.

Step 5: Tap Share information to send or save a PDF of these details via a number of other mobile apps. Select which method you prefer.

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