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How do I dispute a charge?

Below are some typical situations where you may want to dispute a charge:
  • You didn’t receive merchandise or services you paid for
  • You canceled a service and you’re still being charged for it
  • You made a purchase, but the amount on your statement is wrong or you were charged twice
  • A credit you were supposed to receive didn’t show up on your statement
In order to initiate a merchant dispute, we'll need additional context regarding the transaction(s). Please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Identify the transaction(s) you wish to dispute

Step 2: Gather supporting documentation showing you have attempted to resolve this with the merchant directly and that it was unsuccessful

We typically give the merchant around 10 days to respond, and 15 days to issue a refund if a refund is promised. This can be an email or chat transcript.

Step 3: Gather any additional context that you think might be helpful to include in your case (screenshots, receipts, purchase order, etc)

Step 4: Email with the information gathered in the steps above attached to your email

We will not be able to proceed without a record of your correspondence with the merchant. The more supporting documentation we have, the higher the chances are of winning the merchant dispute.

Please note that merchant disputes can take up to 90 days to process, and the amount disputed is still collectable by Brex. If and when the chargeback is processed in your favor, Brex will immediately credit you for this amount.

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