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How do I add Brex to my safelist?

When depositing funds to your Brex Cash account via the Add funds button on the dashboard, Brex will initiate an ACH debit on the selected financial account. However, some institutions may block or return this debit depending on the ACH blocking or filtering on the account.

For security purposes, your ACH debiting capabilities may be impacted if an ACH debit is blocked or returned. We recommend listing Brex as a trusted counterparty that can perform ACH debits on the account.

To do this, please reach out to a bank representative or support team at your financial institution to request they safelist Brex and the following ACH ID:

ACH ID: 93-20517957

Please reach out to our support team via or live chat to provide them with proof that the above ACH ID has been safe listed with your bank. Our team will be able to assist in returning your ACH debit capabilities.

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