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How do Brex statement periods work?

Brex will automatically initiate payment for your statement balance via ACH on the last day of your statement period, which is visible on the top of the Statements page of the Brex dashboard.

The amount due will consist of all transactions that have cleared within the current statement period. All transactions that are still pending on the last day of your statement period will be due at the end of the next statement period.

The length of your statement period will depend on the type of product you have applied for. Please see the relevant section below.

Tech & Life Sciences

These products offer the Brex 30 day card with a monthly statement period. If you would like to change the end date of your statement period or pay Brex on a more frequent basis, you can reach out to our support team. Read Can I change my statement period? to learn more.


This product offers a 1 day statement period with a 60 day float. This means that any transactions that clear today, will be due 60 days later.

Brex 1 Card

The Brex 1 Card is a credit card with a 1 day statement period. Pending card balances are deducted from the Cash account and any cleared transactions are due on the next day.

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