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How do Brex credit limits work?

Brex is unique in that its credit model is flexible enough to underwrite many businesses that have limited operating history, revenue, or profitability. In order to give our customers the highest credit limit possible, our underwriting model relies on maintaining visibility into a company’s cash balance and transactions.

Because of this, Brex credit limits fluctuate more than limits on other credit cards, as they adapt to the unique financial characteristics of each business. The information below can help you understand how and why your Brex credit limit may change, as well as highlight circumstances where your credit limit may be reduced to $0.

There are three ways Brex determines a credit limit for a Brex credit card:
  1. Connected-bank underwriting (recommended for monthly statements)
  2. Bank statement-based underwriting as an exception if connected-bank underwriting is not an option (may be accepted for monthly statements)
  3. Brex Cash underwriting (required for daily statements; may be used for monthly statements by qualified customers)
Please read the relevant section below, which will outline how your credit limit is determined for your Brex card based on your product type.

Monthly statements

Your credit limit is directly related to your cash balance as reported in your bank accounts that are connected to Brex with Plaid/Finicity, your Brex Cash account balance, or your bank statements in the event you are unable to connect your external bank. As your cash balance in your linked account increases or decreases, so will your credit limit. For additional details, please refer to this article.

Daily statements

Your daily card limit is directly related to the balance held in your Brex Cash account—up to 30% of your Brex Cash balance if you are approved for monthly statements, or up to 100% of your balance if you are using Brex Cash with a daily statements card. For additional details, please refer to this article.

Net 60-day statements

For accounts that have been grandfathered into this product, your Brex card limit is directly related to your estimated revenue reported in your accounts that are connected to Brex. Your limit depends on the balances of connected bank accounts and/or bank/financial statements, as well as any connected ecommerce platforms such as Amazon or Shopify. As your revenue increases or decreases, so will your limit. For additional details, please refer to this article.

$0 credit limits

There are several events that may prompt Brex to reduce your credit limit to zero. These include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • The connection to your linked external bank account loses connectivity or becomes out-of-date.
  • You don't have connected external bank accounts and have not provided bank statements or they are out of date.
  • You have an insufficient cash balance to meet minimum underwriting requirements (for monthly statements).
  • You aren't meeting the minimum monthly revenue requirements (for grandfathered accounts with net 60-day payment cycles).
  • There are failed payments on your account.
For more details, please refer to this article.

Credit limits are calculated in part by Brex’s ongoing account-specific determination of risk. These credit limits are subject to change at any time at our sole discretion in accordance with our rights outlined in the Platform Agreement.

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