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How can I create an expense policy?

Brex Admins are able to manage their employee spend by creating expense policies, sending automatic reminders to employees who need to take action, and reviewing all out-of-policy transactions in their dashboard. Users can respond to the email reminders with their receipt and we will auto-match it to the transaction.

Expense policy

To create and manage your company’s expense policy, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Go to Expense review in your dashboard

Step 2: Click on Get started

Step 3: Choose between our recommended policy or create your own custom policy; if you select the custom policy, you will be asked to indicate which transactions need receipts and memos as well as which transactions you would like to receive alerts for

Step 4: Review your expense policy before sharing it with your company

To manage your expense policy, go to Settings > Company > Manage policy.

Expense review

All employee purchases that fall out of your policy will be flagged for review. Go to the Expense review tab of your dashboard to see which transactions are missing a receipt or memo.

Each transaction will show 3 options:

Click Approve to approve the transaction. Click Follow-up to send an email reminder to the cardholder with an optional note.

You also have the ability to add exceptions to exclude certain users and merchants from your company expense policy. Click the bell icon to mark the transaction as an exception to the expense policy.

In the event that you accidentally approve a transaction, go to Expense review > Approved > Undo approval.

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