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How do I redeem my Brex rewards points for cryptocurrency?

Brex admins can redeem rewards points for cryptocurrency from the Brex dashboard.

Step 1: Navigate to the Rewards tab on the dashboard and select Marketplace. Here, you will see the number of Brex rewards points you’ve accrued.

Step 2: Under Redemption Options, locate the Crypto option and select Redeem.

Step 3: Enter the number of points you wish to convert to crypto into the Spend Points bar—the minimum is 1,000 points—and this will populate the price, fees, and amount of either asset you will receive.  Note: The amount of crypto you’ll receive for your points is not estimated until you finalize your redemption transaction.

Step 4: Next, enter an external wallet address to which the redeemed cryptocurrency will be delivered. This wallet should be associated with your business. Whoever owns that wallet and maintains the private keys to that wallet will own the cryptocurrency you’ve redeemed with points. If you do not have a cryptocurrency wallet, you can select Get Wallet to create one for free via Coinbase.

Step 5: Review your selected number of points, conversion rate, and fees, and then select Redeem.  The amount of crypto you will receive is locked in at this point. 

Step 6: Your crypto will appear in your wallet within 1 hour.
Cryptocurrency rewards redemption is a non-reversible transaction.

More details can be found in our Learn article How do I redeem my Brex points for crypto.

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