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I am seeing duplicate payments to Brex on my Xero account.

You may see duplicate payments to Brex on your Xero account if you've added your bank to the Xero bank feed and are also using our Xero integration.

This is because the payments to Brex pulled from your bank's feed will typically have the date that the payment left your bank account, whereas the payment to Brex pulled from your Brex bank feed will have the date that it reached Brex's bank account. Because of this date discrepancy, the payments will not auto-match. To rectify this, please follow the steps below.

Step 1: On Xero, go to Accounts > Bank Accounts and find the payment to Brex.

Step 2: Click on the payment, and then click Find & Match.

Step 3: Search for the duplicate payment exported from Brex.

Step 4: Click Reconcile.

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