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Does Brex Travel support business frequent flyer programs?

Brex Travel supports business frequent flyer programs for travel booked through the Brex Travel portal, thanks to our partnership with TravelBank. Here's how it works:
  • Both travelers and companies can earn rewards for every flight booked.
  • Points, not miles, are earned based on the cost of tickets.
  • The airline will track purchases and send the client a certificate that can be redeemed for travel once enough airline points are accrued.

Frequent flyer program partners

TravelBank currently supports the following business frequent flyer programs:
  • American Airlines Business Extra
  • Delta Skybonus
  • United Perks Plus
  • Alaska Airlines EasyBiz
  • British Airways on Business
Brex customers who are members of these programs can start earning points for eligible travel right away by following the instructions below.

How can Brex customers participate?

Brex customers simply need to email with the following information:
  • Full Name
  • Company Name
  • Title
  • Airline Name
  • Business Frequent Flyer Number
  • Email Domain


This program will occur directly through a GDS (global distribution system) automation; customers will not see the Business Frequent Flyer Number in the portal or on traveler itineraries. Customers will not receive airline points if the booking is done through an email domain that is not associated with the ones supplied.

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