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How do I set up recurring bill payments?

Step 1: Navigate to the Bills tab in your Brex dashboard and click Pay a vendor.

Step 2: Fill in the payment details.

Step 3: Under the When should we send it? field, select the day you’d like the recurring payment to start.

Step 4: Check the box next to Repeat this payment. Then select a cadence for how often the payment should be sent–monthly, weekly, every other week, or custom. 

Step 5: Set an end date if you’d like. 

Step 6: Select Review & send to view the details of your recurring payments before confirming, or Save as draft to finish setting up the payments later. You can find drafts on the Inbox page of your Bills tab. 

Step 7: If everything is correct, click Schedule a recurring payment.

You can view your scheduled payments under Bills > Payments. You can sort by Recurring using the checkbox at the top–all recurring payments will be marked with a recurring icon. Hover over the recurring icon to view details about the repeating cadence.

How do I edit or cancel a recurring payment? 

Step 1: Navigate to the Payments page under the Bills tab of your Brex dashboard. 

Step 2: Click on a scheduled payment and on the right, click the three dots and select Edit

Step 3: Change any details you’d like, however, you can’t change it from a recurring payment to a one-time payment. 

Step 4: If you no longer want the payment to recur automatically, click the three dots on the payments details panel and select Cancel to cancel all future scheduled payments. Select Yes, cancel to confirm. 

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