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I'm having issues with my bill pay integration

Our aim is to make bill payments easy. The bill pay feature included with Brex Premium will allow you to see, store, and schedule all of your bills directly from your Brex Cash account. Give your vendors your unique email address for bills or add them to your dashboard. From there, one click sends the payment and syncs it to your accounting software.

To sign up, click Bills in your Brex dashboard. This will run you through how to pay your first bill, and it will also show you how to sync your bills directly to QuickBooks or Xero.

Before we get into troubleshooting, here are a few quick notes about bill pay:
  • We sync bills only when the bill is submitted for payment.
  • We do not retroactively sync bills created before the integration is set up.
  • This is a one-way sync, meaning we only sync data from Brex into your external accounting platform.

Syncing issues

When a bill sync fails, you’ll see a banner at top of the Bills section with some information as to why it failed, and often it will provide messaging on how to fix the issue. You will also see a resync button once the issue blocking the sync has been fixed.

QuickBooks issues

Another common bill pay error is due to stale data. When data is modified on QuickBooks, syncing will halt for that bill. If you want to continue syncing the bill changes to QuickBooks, you’ll have to overwrite the data for that bill, which you can do by navigating to the specific bill, and clicking on Resync this bill.

Xero issues

Currently Xero integration is a one-directional sync from Brex to Xero. Which means bills created in Brex will be synced over to Xero. However, edits to bills made in Xero will not get synced back to Brex. When bills get edited in Brex and synced over to Xero it will overwrite the corresponding bill data in Xero.

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