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How can I create an expense policy?

Set up rules for your company’s spending, and we’ll enforce them for you!

Brex admins can manage employee spend by creating policies, sending automatic reminders to employees who need to take action, and reviewing all out-of-policy transactions in their dashboard. Users can respond to the email reminders with their receipt and we'll automatically attach it to the transaction.

Expense policy setup

To create and manage your company’s expense policy for the first time, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Go to Expenses in your dashboard.

Step 2: Click Create expense policy.

Step 3: Customize your policy by indicating which transactions need receipts and memos, and set a deadline for when those are due. You can then choose to send automatic follow-up reminders.

Step 4: Click Next.

Step 5: Customize your alerts by selecting the transactions you’d like to receive alerts for and click Review.

Step 6: Choose whether to mute alerts for specific merchants, users, or categories. Click Review.

Step 7: Review your expense policy and alerts before sharing them with your company.

Expense management

To manage your existing expense policy, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Go to Expenses in your dashboard.

Step 2: Click Manage settings and click Edit to make changes to requirements for memos and receipts.

Step 3: Click Next to manage your alerts. Click the checkboxes to mute types of alerts or Mute specific merchants to only mute alerts for specific merchants. You can also choose to mute alerts for specific users.

Step 4: Click Review and Save.

To view and edit previously created exceptions, go to Settings > Premium > Expense policy > Muted out of policy transactions.

Expense review

Admins can review expenses that fall outside their company’s policy from the Brex dashboard. We’ll send weekly reminders to admins to review expenses for their direct reports.

All employee purchases that fall out of your policy will be flagged for review on theExpense review page under Expenses in your dashboard.

Use the search bar if you’d like to search for a specific transaction, user, or merchant within expense alerts.  

Out-of-policy alerts can be filtered using the dropdown menus on the top right by department, user, or issue (missing receipt, memo, etc).

To resolve alerts, admins can click on each transaction individually or use the bulk selection tool by clicking the checkboxes on the left. Select from these actions:
  • Mark as reviewed: Approves the transaction.
  • Follow up: Sends an email reminder to the cardholder with an optional note. Cardholders can resolve missing receipt alerts by uploading a receipt per these instructions: How do I attach receipts to Brex transactions?.
  • Mute alert: Makes an exception and excludes the user or merchant from your policy.  
If you accidentally approve a transaction, click Archive at the top of the Expense review page, find the transaction, and click Undo review.

Turn off expense policy

You can disable your expense policy by going to Expenses > Policy > Manage policy.UnderMemosand Receipts,select Not required.

Helpful resources

We're here to help you create a world-class expense policy. Please review these guides for expense policy suggestions and considerations:

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