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What are managers and how do I assign them?

Brex Premium admins can now indicate a user's manager in their user details. This gives managers more visibility into and control over their direct reports’ spend, and helps admins delegate important expense management tasks.

Admins can assign managers by following the steps below.

Step 1: Navigate to the Users page under the Team tab in your Brex dashboard.

Step 2: Click the user's name and in the details section on the right, enter the user’s manager in the Manager field.

Note: Only active users who aren’t bookkeepers can become a manager. Non-admins can also become managers of any user.

What permissions do managers have?

Managers are able to see their direct reports’ card transactions and spend alerts. Only admins can make changes to the company expense policy, but managers can follow up on out of policy transactions and mark them as reviewed. Please read our Corporate Card Expense Policy Guide for more details and suggestions for managers.

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