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How do reimbursements work?

Note: Reimbursements are currently only available to select early-access customers who will provide invaluable feedback to our team. To gain access, you’ll need to have a Brex Cash account with the QBO integration enabled. If you’re interested, please contact your Brex relationship manager or email

What are reimbursements?

When employees need to put company expenses on their personal cards, admins can easily reimburse them from Brex Cash through our reimbursements feature.

With reimbursements, you’ll be able to:
  • Approve a reimbursement in 2 clicks or less
  • Invite employees to participate, even if they don't have a Brex card
  • Manage reimbursements in the same place as your corporate cards
  • Instantly reconcile reimbursements through our QuickBooks integration
Note: We currently have a single layer of approval for reimbursement requests but plan to add in manager approvals soon.

Enabling reimbursements

Admins can set up reimbursements for their company by following the steps below.

Step 1:Ensure that you have sufficient funds in your Brex Cash account to pay out your reimbursements.

Note:You will need to be an account admin to access the funding account and approve/deny reimbursements (Overview of roles at Brex).

Step 2: Navigate to Reimbursements under the Expenses tab.

Step 3: Invite team members without a Brex card via the Teams page–indicate that they’re an employee, but leave the “Allow corporate cards” toggle off.
Or, invite your employees on Brex to submit their first reimbursement by clicking Invite users to reimbursements and upload a CSV of employees to have invitations sent.

Step 4 [Optional]:Confirm your Quickbooks integration so that you can dynamically reconcile your expenses and save your bookkeepers time. Connect your QuickBooks bank feed by clicking Connect on the Integrations page.

Detailed instructions can be found in How do I add Brex to my QuickBooks Online bank feed?.

Submitting reimbursements

When you’re ready for your team to submit reimbursements, have your employees follow these steps:
  1. Click Submit reimbursementon the reimbursements page.
  2. Follow the next steps to link a personal bank account.
The required fields for submitting a reimbursement are:
  • Merchant
  • Merchant category
  • Amount
  • Receipt attachment
  • Memo
Employees will be able to see the status of their reimbursement under Expenses > Reimbursements > My reimbursements.

Approving reimbursements

Admins will see a list of reimbursements needing approval under Expenses > Reimbursements > Requests.

To approve a reimbursement, click a request, view details on the right, and click Approve.

After a reimbursement is approved by an account admin, employees will be notified by email and can expect to receive the funds via ACH within 2-3 business days.

Here’s a quick overview of the reimbursements process for account admins to download.

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