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How do I add memos to transactions in the mobile app?

Memos are useful for internal communication from a user to the person reviewing company expenses. Descriptive notes such as "travel stipend" or "lunch" can be added here.

Each time you transact with your physical Brex card at a terminal, you will receive a push notification from the Brex mobile app prompting you to take a photo of the receipt and add a memo to the transaction. If you are not prompted, you can add a memo by following these steps:

Step 1: Open the Brex app.

Step 2: Find the transaction you're looking for and either swipe left or tap the transaction.

Step 3: Tap the pencil icon to start typing and Done to save changes.

Important: If a memo is being added as a receipt is uploaded, exiting the app before the receipt is fully uploaded may lead to memos not saving. Please wait for the receipt to fully upload before exiting the app.

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