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My Brex card was lost/stolen. How can I lock it?

There are two options for locking your card. Please reference the relevant section below:

Via the Brex dashboard

Step 1: Under Cards on the left side of your Brex dashboard, click Manage cards.

Step 2: Click the three dots below the card in question and select Lock.

Step 3: You'll then be given a summary of merchants that may be using that card for recurring charges so you can update the card on file for those merchants.

Important: Brex will not automatically transfer the reoccurring charges, you will need to migrate the spend.

Step 4: After reviewing potential reoccurring transactions, you will be asked to provide a reason from these options provided.

Via the mobile app

Step 1: Tap the card icon in the upper right corner of the home page.

Step 2: Find the card in question and tap Lock Card.

Step 3: Once the card is successfully locked, the card graphic will be greyed out and a lock icon will be added to the upper right corner of the card.

You may unlock your card at anytime by tapping Unlock Card –this option is available on your dashboard as well as the mobile app.

Note: Your virtual Brex card will not be affected and can continue to be used for online transactions.

If you think there has been fraud on your card, please contact Brex Support right away.

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