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How are instant revenue limits calculated?

When you enable instant revenue, your card limit will reflect a combination of your available Brex Cash balance and earnings from connected selling platforms. 

You can see how much instant revenue will increase your card limit on the Transactions page under the Card tab in your dashboard. This limit is calculated as a percentage of the net sales generated from your connected selling platforms that haven’t yet been paid out. Brex will give you credit for earnings across each selling platform you connect, meaning you should connect as many revenue sources to Brex as you can in order to maximize your card limit.

When your payouts arrive, Brex automatically collects a portion to cover your card transactions funded by instant revenue. If your payouts aren't large enough to cover the amount you’ve spent, Brex will collect the full payout and attempt to collect the remaining amount from your Brex Cash account. If we’re still unable to collect the amount owed, we'll temporarily disable revenue access until we can collect the full amount. 

If you do not route your payouts to Brex by the end of your 30-day trial period, you’ll be suspended from instant revenue. Additionally, as a full access customer, you’ll be suspended if you decide to route your payouts away from Brex. In either of these cases, you can regain access by routing your payouts to Brex.

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