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How do I get approved for instant revenue?

Note: Instant revenue for card is currently only available to early-access customers, and will be generally available soon.

To qualify for instant revenue, you’ll need:

  • One selling platform account connected to Brex.
  • 30 days of selling history.
  • $500 in monthly net sales on your connected account.
  • Auto-sweep enabled (for PayPal, Square, and Stripe customers).

All cardholders with daily payments have an opportunity to set up instant revenue as a part of the account onboarding steps. You can also launch instant revenue onboarding at any point from the Transactions page of the Card and Cash tabs.

To start using instant revenue, you’ll need to connect your revenue platform, meet the above criteria, and connect the bank account you currently use for payouts. If you qualify, you’ll be approved for “trial access”, which allows you to start using a limited version of instant revenue for up to 30 days.

If you’d like to get “full access” to the feature, you’ll need to reroute your payouts to Brex Cash. Once your first payout settles in Brex, Brex will double the amount of capital you can access from the feature.

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