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What is instant revenue?

Note: Instant revenue on card is currently only available to early-access customers, and will be generally available soon.

Instant revenue overview

With our instant revenue feature, customers using Brex Cash and card with daily payments can spend their unpaid revenue from connected selling platforms like Amazon, Stripe, and Shopify. Brex offers two ways for you to spend your unpaid revenue: an increased card limit or Brex Cash balance.

Access unpaid revenue as credit

When you’re approved for instant revenue, your card limits are based on a combination of your available Brex Cash balance and earnings from connected selling platforms. With instant revenue enabled, you’ll spend your unpaid revenue first, followed by your Brex Cash balance. There are no fees so you can increase your limits and improve your repayment terms for free!

When you spend your unpaid revenue on your card, your card spend will not immediately pull from your available Brex Cash balance. You can see the transactions that were funded by instant revenue on the Payments and Transactions pages under the Card tab of your dashboard. Once you’ve spent through the instant revenue portion of your card limit, all subsequent card transactions will be funded by your available Brex Cash balance.

When your selling platform payouts settle, Brex will collect the amount you’ve already used and release any remaining proceeds into your account.

Access unpaid revenue as cash deposits

If you’d like to access your unpaid revenue as cash deposited directly into your Brex Cash account in order to make an ACH, wire, or check payment, you’re welcome to do so at a cost of 1.5% per payout on Amazon and 1.0% per payout on all other platforms. You can access this feature from the top of the Transactions page under the Cash tab of your dashboard.

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