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How do I request a physical Brex card?

You can request a physical card from your Brex dashboard in three scenarios. Please reference the relevant section below.

Upon activating your account for the first time

Upon logging in to your Brex dashboard for the first time, you will have a virtual card automatically issued to your account which you can begin using right away. You should also be asked if you would like to order a physical Brex Mastercard.

If your physical card has been terminated

If you don't have a physical card anymore because your previous one was terminated, you will see the option to issue yourself a new physical card.

When opting to replace your physical card

During the replacement process, you will be asked to provide a shipping address for a new physical Mastercard.

Please read How do I lock, terminate, and order a new card? to learn more about the options mentioned above.

Admins ordering cards for users

Admins can also request a physical Brex card on behalf of activated users if they don't already have a physical card by following the steps below.

Step 1: UnderTeam, search for the cardholder using the search bar and click their name.

Note: The user must have already accepted their invitation to use Brex in order for this to work.

Step 2: Under the user details on the right, you'll see information about the their cards and spend; click Add physical card.

Step 3: Click Confirm and the user will receive an email asking them for their shipping address.

If you're not able to request a physical card in any of the scenarios above, please reach out to Brex Support for assistance.

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