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Can I make changes to an existing card?

There are a few scenarios where you may need to update the information associated with an existing card. Please read the relevant section below to learn what’s possible.

Changing the shipping address for a physical card

If you have already requested a physical card, we unfortunately can’t alter the shipping address. To have your physical card sent to a different address, please take these steps:
  • Step 1:Terminate the physical card.
  • Step 2:Issue yourself a new physical card, at which time you’ll be prompted to update the shipping address.
Further instructions on terminating and ordering a new card can be found in How do I lock, terminate, and order a new card?.

Changing the billing address for a card

Depending on the circumstances, Brex Support can update the billing address for a single card without changing your overall account address. Please chat with us to make this change.

Changing the name on a card

Physical card

You’ll need to replace your physical card to update the name on it.

Virtual card

Step 1:On your dashboard, go to Card > Manage cards.

Step 2:Locate your virtual card.

Step 3:Click the three dots beneath your card.

Step 4:Select Rename.

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