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How do I set up pro access for bookkeepers?

Pro access enables Brex bookkeepers and accounting partners to close their clients’ books much faster by managing multiple Brex accounts under one email address.

Please refer to the relevant section below according to whether you are a Brex customer or with an accounting firm.

Accounting firms

How do I add clients to my account?

Your clients must first add you as a partner to gain access to their Brex account.

How do I grant external access to my bookkeepers?

Step 1: Navigate to Team on the left side of your Brex dashboard.

Step 2: Enter the individual’s name in the search bar.

Step 3: Click on their name.

Step 4: On the right, under External access, select Enabled.

Brex customers

How do I invite my accounting firm?

If your accounting firm is not listed as an option on the Partners page, Brex card and account admins can invite them to be a Brex partner.

Step 1: Navigate to Partners under the Team tab.

Step 2: Click Invite a partner.

Step 3: Search for your partner.

Step 4: Select Grant access. Your firm can now access your account.

How do I remove my bookkeeper’s access?

For external bookkeepers, you can revoke access to your company’s Brex account by going to Team > Partners and clicking Revoke access under your bookkeeper’s firm.

Can I connect to multiple accounting partners?

Yes, you can connect to multiple accounting partners by inviting them from Team > Partners in your Brex dashboard.

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