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How do I refresh updated categories within Brex?

Brex admins and bookkeepers can refresh your updated GL accounts within Brex by performing the following actions.

Step 1:Click Integrationson the left side of your Brex dashboard.

Step 2:Click on Manageunder your active integration.

Step 3:Click Settingsin the upper right corner.

Step 4: Click Refreshnext to Refresh integration (doing so will import any updates you've made to your ERP or accounting software). If you have new general ledger accounts come through after the refresh, please remap all of your Brex categories to the new GL accounts to prevent exporting errors.

Important:Depending on the size of your chart of account, this process may take a few moments. You’re able to navigate away from the page while the refresh takes place. Otherwise you’ll see a green checkmark appear once it has completed.

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