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What transfers are possible from the app vs the dashboard?

You can add funds to your Brex Cash account through either your Brex app or Brex dashboard. However, some types of transfers are only available on one platform or the other.

Transfers accepted through the app

Check deposits

Check deposits can only be completed through the Brex app. Instructions for depositing checks can be found here: How to deposit checks in my Brex Cash account?

Outbound ACH transfers

Outbound ACH transfers can be initiated through the Brex app by following instructions here: How to initiate an ACH transfer through the Brex app

Transfers accepted through your dashboard

Outbound checks

Checks can only be sent from the Brex dashboard. This guide explains how: Can I send checks from my Brex cash account?

Inbound/Outbound ACH transfers

While outbound ACH transfers can be completed either from within your dashboard or the app, inbound ACH transfers can only be initiated through the dashboard. 

Outbound domestic or international wires:

Outbound wires, whether domestic or international, can only be initiated from your Brex dashboard.

For general information about these methods of adding funds, please see: How to add funds to my Brex Cash account. 

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