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Brex deposit limits

What are deposit limits?

There are three types of deposits and each has different limits:

How are my deposit limits set?

Deposit limits are determined by many factors including the tenure of your account, your deposit history, your spending history, and more. Your deposit limits are evaluated daily and most customers will see their limits increase over time. The more you use your Brex account, the faster your limits will increase.

How can I view my current deposit limit?

In the Brex mobile app, admins can check on what types of deposits are currently available for their account, following the instructions below. 

Step 1: Log in to the Brex mobile app.

Step 2: Click Settings (the gear icon). 

Step 3: Select Weekly deposit limits

Step 4: Review your 7-day limit and current options for check and Brex ACH deposits (i.e. ACH deposits from connected bank accounts you’ve added to Brex). There are no limits on external bank ACH deposits. 

Note: If you’ve exhausted your limit for Brex ACH deposits, it’s still possible to schedule a transfer for a future date.

If you try to deposit an amount beyond your weekly limit, you’ll receive an error message notifying you of your current limit. 

How can I make a deposit?

You have unlimited access to deposit funds to your Brex account via this method. You can do this by following these instructions:
  1. Sign in to your external bank account.
  2. Navigate to your bank’s page for making transfers.
  3. Enter your Brex account details and confirm the transfer.
For instructions on other deposit methods, please read How to add funds to my Brex Cash account.

If you still have questions about deposit limits, please contact Brex Support.

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