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Why haven’t I been approved for instant payouts yet?

To get you instant access to your earnings, there are a few initial verifications Brex needs to handle to ensure a seamless link with your other accounts, explained in the sections below. 

We’re verifying your bank account

Brex needs to verify that your linked bank account can be used to receive and send payments, and that it’s currently being used to house your platform payouts. To verify your connected bank accounts or check for connection errors, please go to Connected accounts under Settings in your Brex dashboard. 

Note: If you’re already depositing your payouts to Brex Cash, we’ll need to see a payout settle in Brex Cash before we’re able to approve your account.

We’re connecting to your sales platform

Brex needs to verify that you have a valid connection to your sales platform, which meets the criteria below. Brex uses Weav to connect to your sales platform and it’s possible we may be experiencing unexpected delays.

Qualified sales platforms must have:
  • More than 30 days of selling history 
  • More than $500 in net sales over the last 30 days 
  • Automatic payouts enabled. Learn more here.

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