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Who should my checks be payable to when depositing funds into Brex Cash?

To successfully deposit a check into Brex Cash, the check must be made payable to one of the following:
  • Legal business name associated with the Brex Cash account
    • Provided during the application process
  • Legal name of a Brex Cash Admin
    • Provided when inviting the user to Brex
  • Doing Business As (DBA) name associated with the Brex Cash account
    • Secretary of State DBA documentation can be provided to our support team once your account is approved
To provide us with DBA documentation, please start a chat with us from your Brex dashboard and our team would be happy to assist. Any DBA documentation provdied will remain on file for the life of your account, and will assist in processing checks deposited to Brex Cash.

The following is acceptable DBA documentation:
  • DBA Documentation from the County or State Recorder's Office
We will not be able to accept the following documentation:
  • Merger Documentation
  • Acquisition Documentation
  • Purchase Agreement Documentation
We will not be able to deposit checks made out to a DBA name we do not have on file.

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