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For the Brex Cash account, how do I set up transaction approvals?

Transaction approvals allow Brex admins to delegate financial tasks to an AP clerk, while maintaining final control over when funds leave the account.

Transactions made by an AP clerk will require final approval by an account admin before they begin processing. Read What are the various Brex role types? to learn more about the permissions of the AP clerk.

Transaction approval flow

AP clerk

Step 1: Click Transactions under the Cash tab.

Step 2: Select Send payment.

Step 3: Enter payment details and confirm payment.

From there, action will need to be taken by an account admin. They can do this in one of two ways.

Account admin

Option 1: Any account admin can select a pending payment and choose to either approve or deny it by going to Cash > Transactions > Scheduled.

Option 2: All account admins will receive an email with options to either approve or deny the payment. The payment can be approved or denied without having to log into the Brex dashboard. 

In both cases, selecting Approve will allow the payment to continue processing. Choosing Deny will allow the admin to add a note and specify why they denied the payment.

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