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What is Brex Premium and how does it work?

Brex helps you control your company’s spend, save time closing your books faster with our integrations, and save money with our spend alerts and reports. Our aim is to make it effortless to manage your spend by consolidating everything in one place so you can focus on growing. Keeping this in mind, we’ve created Brex Premium, a paid tier for our product that includes features like Expense Management and Bill Pay.

You can sign up for Brex Premium for free today. Brex Premium allows you to unlock these features free for 30 days, and then you’ll be billed $49 per month–payable in dollars or Brex points.

Is my account on Brex Premium?

Admins will be able to see their account status in the Settings tab of the Brex dashboard. From here, you’ll be able to learn more about Brex Premium and make changes to your plan.

How am I billed for this?

You’ll be billed for Brex Premium on the 2nd business day of each month. As a reminder, your first 30 days on Brex Premium will be free, and then you’ll be charged $49 per month–payable in Brex points or dollars.

If you cancel your Premium Plan during any month, you will be charged a monthly fee for the portion of that month prior to the cancellation.

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