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How do I send my bills to Brex?

Sending Bills to Brex

Instead of forwarding or uploading all your bills to Brex, we’ve created a process that will upload the bills you receive via email directly to your Brex account. Our goal is to reduce the burden of uploading bills for our users.

When you first sign up for Bill Pay, you’ll be given a unique email address. Simply give this email address to your vendors, and when an email is received at that unique address, any detected invoices in the email will be prepared as draft bills for your Brex account. You’ll also find your unique email address by navigating to the Bill pay tab on your dashboard.

Bill Sending Experience

When a bill is sent to your unique email address from a registered user on your Brex account, admins will receive an email letting them know a bill is ready for review, or that a bill is missing some information. Click on Review draft to finalize your bill within your dashboard, and you’re all set.

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