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How should I format my shipping address?

Incorrectly formatted addresses are one of the top reasons for undelivered physical cards. Please review the suggestions below for suggestions on how to enter your address. We want your card to get to the right place!

Add all relevant secondary address information.

Many cards are undeliverable as the secondary address is missing and the building does not have a central delivery address. If you are attempting to ship a card to an office or apartment building, remember to include the floor, suite, or apartment number. 

Don't add unnecessary information to address fields.

We often see addresses where the company or cardholder name has been added to the address. Do not add anything other than primary or secondary addresses to those fields. The cardholder name and company will be added automatically to the shipping information above the address fields.

Don't add ATTN or ℅ to the secondary address.

An ATTN descriptor must be above a primary address. If added to the secondary address it will get appended below the primary address which may affect the deliverability of the package.

Remove any special characters from the address.

Special characters such as double spaces, asterisks, periods, parentheses, quotation marks, colons, semi-colons, apostrophes, at-symbols, or ampersands should not be used in the address. Hyphens may be added in a ZIP-4 code or in the primary address number when necessary. Spaces before or after hyphens should be removed.

Add identifiers for private mailboxes.

Mail sent to a private mailbox must include the private mailbox number or identifier. The identifier should be prefixed with PMB or the # sign. Failure to add this increases the chance that the package will not be delivered.

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