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$0 Brex Credit Limits

Brex changes credit limits to $0 when account activity suggests that you may become unable to repay the balance. Additionally, Brex can change your credit limit to $0 at our sole discretion based on violations of our platform agreement, a Terms of Service violation, or our determination of risk. Below are examples of scenarios that might result in a $0 credit limit.

Connected-bank staleness

Your Finicity or Plaid connection may occasionally lose connectivity and become out of date, or “stale," which requires you to reestablish the connection via your dashboard. Brex will proactively send email alerts to admins before we reduce your credit limit due to a stale bank connection.

Brex is unable to issue you a credit limit during long periods of staleness because our product requires visibility into your company’s cash balance. Therefore, bank staleness will result in a reduced credit limit and we'll change your limit to $0 if your account remains stale for too long.

Note: Banks sometimes make changes to their products or the way that they send data to third-party softwares like Finicity and Plaid, which can cause staleness even if you have recently established the connection.

Missing statements

We will proactively email you at the beginning of each month to collect your previous month’s statement(s). However, if we don't receive your monthly statements for an extended period of time, Brex will change your credit limit to $0.

Minimum cash balance/monthly revenue

Brex generally requires its customers to maintain a cash balance of at least $25,000 to maintain any credit limit. This minimum requirement is assessed on a case-by-case basis depending on our determination of risk, and may be adjusted at our sole discretion.

For customers on the grandfathered net 60-day statements product, in addition to the minimum cash balance, we also require a minimum of $50,000 in net monthly revenue. Brex calculates net revenue as: Gross sales minus discounts, taxes, fees, and shipping costs.

If your net cash balance falls below these thresholds, Brex reserves the right to collect your outstanding balance at any time and change your credit limit to $0.

Failed payments

If your automatic payment to Brex for your account balance fails or is reversed, Brex may change your credit limit to $0.

There are many reasons for failed payments and ways to restore your credit limit. If at any point your payment to Brex for your account balance fails, we'll email you with a prompt to correct the issue. Common issues include:
  • Insufficient funds in your external payment account: This is often caused by designating the incorrect bank account for payment or failing to update your payment method if you switch bank accounts or institutions. In this case, please go to Settings in your dashboard and update Autopay to the correct bank.
  • Mistakenly blocked payment: This can happen when a payment from your external bank does not comply with the authorization you give Brex to automatically debit funds from your account (under the Platform Agreement). If you have any ACH blocks set up, you will need to ensure Brex has been added to your bank’s whitelist to avoid any credit limit reductions or service disruption.
Credit limits are calculated in part by Brex’s ongoing account-specific determination of risk. These credit limits are subject to change at any time at our sole discretion in accordance with our rights outlined in the Platform Agreement.

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