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What type of statements can I use for underwriting?

In order to determine your credit limit from your bank statements, Brex will require at least one operational account and 2 months worth of statements. In order to be acceptable for underwriting purposes, these statements should be:
  • Complete - statements with missing pages will not be accepted
  • Unaltered - no redacted info and mark ups such as highlighting or commenting
  • In PDF format - screenshots, spreadsheets, scanned copies or activity reports will only be considered for exceptions
  • From business accounts only - personal bank accounts will not be accepted
  • From domestic bank accounts only, and funds denominated in USD

Types of Acceptable Bank Accounts

Bank savings or checking
  • Certificate of deposits will be accepted as long as their maturity is < 1 year
  • Consolidated statements (i.e. one single pdf document that contains multiple accounts) will be accepted as long as each account satisfies our general guidelines
Sweep and money market accounts
  • If a sweep account statement shows a $0 balance, Brex will require statements for the sweep account and the originating account
  • Money market mutual funds will only be accepted if invested entirely in short-term assets
Investment/Brokerage accounts
  • Brex will accept cash, cash equivalents (cash, money markets, etc.) and short-term debt securities (bonds, Treasury Bills, other types of fixed income)
  • Brex will not accept equities (stocks), mutual funds, long-term debt securities, options, cryptocurrency, or any other type of security with inherent risk/market volatility

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