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How can I dispute a fraudulent transaction?

All Brex users can submit disputes for their own transactions directly from the Brex dashboard. Disputes cannot be submitted through the mobile app at this time.

Submitting a fraud dispute

Step 1: Select the Transactions tab

Step 2: Click on the transaction you want to dispute

Step 3: Select Dispute charge on the bottom of the transaction details

Step 4: Enter any additional information you would like to add

Step 5: Select File dispute 

Step 6: Your card will be permanently terminated and you will be prompted to issue yourself another one

Physical card: enter the best shipping address.; this card will arrive within 5-7 business days. 

Important note: Until you receive your new physical card, you can always add your virtual card to a mobile wallet to use for the time being.  

Virtual card: you will be asked to name your new virtual card; once issued, it can be used immediately. 

Step 7: You will receive an email confirmation that the dispute is being reviewed

Step 8: You should receive an email with a status update within 1-2 business days 

In some cases, disputes may take up to 90-days to resolve. You will receive more information on the expected timeline for your dispute when you receive an email with a status update. 

Checking the status of your dispute

Brex will send email updates regarding the status of your dispute, but you can check the status of your dispute in the Brex dashboard.

Step 1: Select the Transactions tab

Step 2: Click on the transaction you want to view the status of

Step 3: There will be a panel with the transaction details on the right, there you should see the current status of your dispute

You can also select the Disputed check box at the top of the page to filter only the disputed transactions. 

Cancelling a dispute

If you end up discovering that the transaction you disputed is not fraudulent, you can cancel this dispute.

Step 1: Select the Transactions tab

Step 2: Click on the transaction with the dispute you would like to cancel

Step 3: Select Cancel Dispute at the bottom right corner; this will open up the option to chat with support and provide your claim number (your claim number can be found in the Transaction Details)

Step 4: After ending your interaction with support, they will update you via email within 2-3 business days of the cancellation 

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