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How do I manage my allocation strategy?

Now you can allocate your Brex Cash balance between FDIC-insured cash and money market funds (MMF).

To view your allocation split, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Select Settings on the bottom-left of the dashboard

Step 2: Under the Company tab, navigate to Account holdings and click View

Here, you can see the current allocation between Cash and MMF. To change the allocation strategy, please continue with the next steps:

Step 1: Click Manage

Step 2: Use the slider or fields to allocate your balance of Cash and MMF, then click Continue

Step 3: Choose an allocation strategy for future deposits into Brex Cash; you can either maintain the current percentage split, cap the cash amount, or cap the MMF amount

Step 4: Select Review to go over the current split and strategy

Step 5: Click Confirm to save any changes

Once the changes are saved, all Card and Cash Admins on the account will receive an email notifying them that the strategy was adjusted. The updates will take effect within 1 business day.

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