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How does Brex integrate with QuickBooks Online?

The Brex <> QuickBooks Online integration is one of our most popular offerings, providing the following benefits:
  • Improved reporting accuracy
  • Hours saved each month
  • Greater accounting control
Brex integrates with QuickBooks Online in two ways:

Bank Feed

Each time you use your Brex card, transactions will automatically flow into your QuickBooks Online account. With this option, the transaction date, amount, and merchant will appear in the For Review section of the bank feed. 

Expense Data [optional addition]

With this option, you have the ability to code your transactions to their respective GL account, Location and Class in the Brex dashboard. Brex offers a suite of tools to automate this process and save you time. Additionally, cardholders can manually categorize their transactions when they attach their receipts and memos. 

Administrators will periodically select the date range they wish to export, then review all expenses and categorizations for completeness and accuracy. Categorizations (GL account, Class, Location), transaction memos, and receipts exported to QuickBooks Online are automatically matched to your transactions waiting for review in the Bank Feed. Matching the expense records to the bank feed will automatically reconcile your spending and move the charges out of for review and on to your balance sheet.  

Which parts are right for you?

Some finance teams rely solely on the Bank Feed to manage their account. This means a few things: 
  • They rely solely on QuickBooks Online to categorize their transactions 
  • They don’t see their QuickBooks Online accounts, classes and locations in the Brex dashboard
  • Receipts and memos attached by cardholders do not make their way into QuickBooks Online
In many cases however, the QuickBooks Online categorization and receipt match push will compliment your business. If this is the case we recommend using the two integrations together!

Each time you manually export your transactions from Brex, they will be matched to the bank feed records automatically. You will then have the option to confirm if these matches are accurate by clicking on “match” on the right-hand side of each transaction in the bank feed. You should not see any duplicates. 

In order to categorize your transactions and match your receipts, you must first enable your bank feed, before heading over to the Integrations tab of the Brex dashboard to finalize your setup. 


To learn more about our integration options with QuickBooks Online, watch the video below.

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