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How can I ensure successful payments to Brex?

At the end of each statement cycle, we'll automatically initiate an ACH transfer from your primary funding source to pay your outstanding balance. It's important that the payment is successful so that your credit limit is unaffected. Below are a few tips on how to plan for your upcoming payment(s).

Step 1: Check your upcoming payments on the Statements page under Card.

Step 2: Check your current statement balance and the day that your statement period ends. For details, please read How can I see how much my company has spent in this statement cycle?.

Step 3: Look for an email from Brex a few days before your next scheduled payment with the current statement balance and the bank account that funds will be pulled from.

Step 4: Confirm that we'll be initiating payment from the correct bank account by checking the Connected accounts tab under Settings in your Brex dashboard.

If you won't have enough funds in this account, please read How do I manage the funding source for Brex card payments?.

To fix a bank connection that may need attention, follow instructions in How can I reconnect my bank to Brex?.

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