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What is a dispute?

A disputed charge occurs when a cardholder reports an error specific to the billing of the transaction, or when expected services were not met by the merchant.

Before disputing a charge, please consider the following:
  • Merchants may use a different name for billing than you’d initially expect. Search the name on the internet to find more information.
  • If a transaction is unrecognized, check with others within your company to ensure that they didn’t make the charge. This is often the case!
  • Check any receipts, statements, online orders, subscriptions, etc, as this can help you recognize the purpose of the transaction.

Important note before filing a dispute

If a charge related to the billing appears incorrect or there was a problem with the purchase, we ask that you work directly with the merchant first as this is the quickest way to resolve the issue.
  • Brex requires that you give the merchant 7 days to respond to your inquiry before submitting your dispute.
  • If a charge is pending and you would like to file a dispute, this transaction needs to be posted before the dispute can be filed and processed. The easiest way to check this is from your Brex dashboard or on the Brex mobile app. The transaction will either be pending or processed (posted).
Note: After a dispute is filed, it can take up to 90 days to resolve it.

How to file a dispute

Fraud disputes: Please read How can I dispute a fraudulent transaction? for more information.

Merchant disputes: Please read How can I submit a merchant dispute? for more information.

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