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My card was declined

Your card may have been declined for a variety of reasons to help protect your security. Please review the following common reasons your card could have been declined and try your transaction again.

Incorrect credentials

If you have a virtual card and physical card, the card numbers, expiration dates, and CVV codes are different. Please ensure you have entered the correct card details.

Company limit reached

If you're an admin, check to see that your company has not reached its credit limit. Please read How do I know what our company's monthly credit limit is?. If you're over the limit, you can try these suggestions for freeing up spending room.

User limit reached

Check that you have not hit your user limit. Please read How can I see what my user limit is and how much I have spent?. If you are a regular card user and have reached your user limit, please reach out to your company admin to discuss your user limit.

Chip reader not used

If you are using your physical card, please ensure that you are inserting your card's EMV chip instead of swiping the magnetic stripe. When card readers have a chip function, Brex requires that you use this option.

Unauthorized country

Ensure you are not attempting the transaction in one of these countries.

If you are still having issues, please reach out to our support team through your Brex dashboard for assistance. If attempting an online transaction, take a screenshot of the declined error message and include it in your outreach.

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